The Book of Exodus

Join us as we study the Book of Exodus and together examine the Promises of God to us in this Book that lays out His Perfect Deliverance in our lives. First, we will learn how Exodus fits in to the overall message of our Bible. Then, we will see a simple diagram of the Pentateuch Books follow by an outline of the Book of Exodus itself. Finally, we will go through the Book of Exodus and behold the power, love, and grace of God as He delivers His people from oppression and brings them unto Himself for blessed fellowship.



Exodus class 1

Our Study of the Pentateuch continues as we return to study the Book of Exodus. Join us a we begin to introduce this life-changing Book by examining it's place in the Bible as a whole.


Exodus Class 2

In our second hour we continue to introduce the Book of Exodus as we learn the Simple Message of the Bible as a Whole in order to better understand the Pentateuch and the Books contained in this Foundational Section.



In our third session, we conclude the introduction and begin laying out outlines for both the Pentateuch and the Book of Exodus.

In class number 4 we sum up the Introduction to Exodus and then review the outline for the Book. We also look at some key verses in Exodus. Following this we begin to look into Chapters 1 and 2 as we see the need for deliverence.

In our fifth class we begin looking at the Need for Deliverance in Chapters 1 and 2. We see together that human efforts will not deliver!

In Class number six we begin looking at The Presence, Plan, and Patience of the Deliverer. Tonight we learn that our God sees our affliction, hears our cries, and knows our sorrows! But more than this, He comes down to deliver us!

In our seventh class together we look at Exodus Chapters 3 through 5 to see the Presence of our Great Deliverer and His Plan to Deliver His People.

In our 8th session together we look at the Plan and the Patience of the Deliverer as He promises to rescue His people. After laying out His plan in specific detail we see Him deal patiently with His servants, His people and even His adversaries.

During our ninth hour together looking at the Promises of God in the Book of Exodus; we continue looking at the Patience of the Deliverer in the lives of the children of Israel, Moses and Aaron, and even in the lives of the Egyptians.

In our tenth session together we continue our look at the Patience of our Deliverer. Together we look into Exodus Chapter 7 and see the "hard heart" of Pharaoh and the Power of God in the lives of His servants.

In this week's class we view the longsuffering nature of God as He see Pharaoh continue to lie about releasing the children even as his own counselors insist that God cannot be opposed and that Egypt is destroyed.

In tonight's session we begin looking at the 3rd point of our Outline for Exodus, "The Cost and Completeness of our Deliverance" from chapter 12 to 18. This will bring us to a look at the Passover! Here we see the Glory of our Lord Jesus and the Fulness of our Deliverance!

In our 13th session in Exodus we continue our look at "The Cost and Completeness of Deliverance" by focusing on the Godward and Manward aspects of the Passover and begin looking at the Sacrifice of the Lamb of God.

In tonight's session we continue our look at the Passover by continuing to focus in on the Sacrifice of our Lord Jesus as the Lamb of God.

In this week's session we look at Exodus chapters 12 through 14 to see more about the cost and the completeness of our deliverance in our Lord Jesus Christ as seen in the nation of Israel.

Tonight we conclude our look at Exodus Chapters 12-18 as we continue our focus on the Completeness of our Deliverance! We have such wonderful and entire provision from God for every aspect of our life.

In this session we begin our look at the fourth section of Exodus. In Chapters 18 through 24 we find the Holiness of the One Who Delivers. Join us as we see together that the God who Saves by blood and power is a Holy God.

What does the Law mean to us? What did it mean to Moses and the Israelites? In this weeks class we look at Exodus Chapters 19-24 and turn to Galatians Chapter 3 to get an understanding of what the Law is for, and perhaps more importantly, what it is NOT for.