Our Founder

Dr. D. M. Hardison founded Tidewater Baptist Church (then Tidewater Baptist Temple) on April 3rd, 1966, sixteen years after he began his ministry of tent evangelism. He faithfully preached the truth and grew the church body until he felt the call back into full-time evangelism in 1977. He and his wife Elisabeth have remained active members and good friends of Tidewater Baptist Church. 

Once a month, on a Sunday morning, Dr. Hardison is invited to preach for our congregation. He has been faithful to the Truth of God's Word, and always encourages our body to put off the old man. In 2000, Dr. Hardison began the Circuit Rider News, a quarterly newsletter which he continues to this day. It began as a two pages paper, but has grown to a twelve-sixteen page paper. 

Dr. Hardison has had the honor of preaching in the Pentagon, at our nations BiCentennial celebration in his hometown in North Carolina, and in many countries outside of the United States as well: Greece, Israel, and many others. We're thankful for the way the Lord has used our founder to reach the world with the Gospel.  

The weekend of Tidewater Baptist Church's fiftieth Anniversary, April 2016, Dr. Hardison passed into the presence of our God. We're thankful for his years of faithful service, and we continue to help with care and support of Mrs. Hardison.