Mission Conference 2016

Our 2016 Mission Conference has come to a close, and we are happy to be partnering with two new Missionary families: The Chau's to Singapore and The Wagar's to Chuuk. God has blessed and taught our church family through the services this Missions Conference, and we'd like to give you the same opportunity to listen and revisit.


Son and Stephanie Chau

Son Chau attended Tidewater Baptist as a teenager, where he was saved, by God's grace! We are glad to see the Lord's call on His family and excited to partner with them as they go to Singapore as missionaries.


Josh and Sarah Wagar

Josh and Sarah are headed to Chuuk, Micronesia, and we are thankful for their fervor and excitement to follow God's call. God has blessed them with full support, and they are leaving for Micronesia early next year.

Livius and Mariana Percy

This is our first time meeting the Percy family,  natives to Romania and Moldova. As a Doctor and Pastor in Romania, the Percys were not looking for financial support, but their friendship and fellowship, as well as Dr. Percy's preaching, encouraged our congregation.

Glenn and Marci Mongold

The Mongold family has been attending our church for many years, and we are glad to have had the privilege of supporting their ministry to the seamen who come into Norfolk's ports. We're thankful that they were able to be with us this mission conference, to present their ministry Sunday night and help with teaching the children the Good News of the Gospel. 

Dan and Kelly Kursinsky

The Kursinskys are our missionaries to the soldiers at Fort Benning, Georgia. We had the chance to serve alongside the Kursinskys for years here at Tidewater, and we are blessed to see the fruit of their labor on Fort Benning.

Dalton Heath

The Heaths are our missionaries to Micronesia and Hawaii. They retired after forty-eight years in missionary service. Norma Heath is in poor health, and was, regrettably, unable to be with us for this conference. Mr. Heath blessed our church by turning down added support, telling us to give it to someone who was just starting out.